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Edmonton Camp

My niece enjoyed your camp so much that she's decided to play hockey again this year. So just know that all the hard work you put into this camp made a little girl fall back in love with hockey.


Colleen and Lyle, Calgary Camp 

Our son has played hockey for 3 years now and he has attended various summer hockey camps.  Your school has by far been the best experience he has had... 

The camp was extremely well organised and we really appreciated the lunch option which provided great food for the kids.  Chris really enjoyed all the drills and on-ice skills development and had a lot of fun with all the dryland activities... Of course the highlight of the week was meeting the NHL players, who so graciously signed autographs and spent time with the kids.  


Cynthia, Edmonton Camp 

My son came home with a smile on his face every single day and just couldn’t wait to go back.     As you know, this was Kenzie’s third year participating in this camp and although he’s loved it the last two years, you guys definitely upped the fun factor!   He said there is absolutely nothing you could do to make it better. “Everything and everybody was amazing”.

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Jeffery, Didsbury Camp

He really enjoyed the entire camp structure and specifically the professional level of the coaches.  He feels better prepped for his first year of U13 and feels more confident on reaching higher goals that will be upcoming.  He also mentioned the overall message that was delivered of what it means to be a professional on and off the ice, especially having a proper work ethic!  This last point from my perspective was most important and I want to send a sincere thank you for the obvious hard work that was put in by everyone involved!  


Chad, Former President of Strathmore Minor Hockey

It has been a goal of mine to have something like your camp come to Strathmore and give our young players an experience that they look forward to each summer. Having now experienced Edge Hockey through the eyes of my son and seen first hand how much he completely enjoyed his week with you guys, I know we have found the right partner!

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